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Items to Never Pack in Your Suitcase According to Experts at blog: Items to Never Pack in Your Suitcase According to Experts at

Most travelers tend to over-pack before a trip. Most of us think of every possible vacation scenario, and then we think we’re better off packing too much rather than too little. However, this never turns out to be the case. To help you pack for your trip, the team at has created a list of things that you should avoid packing in your suitcase. The list is designed to save you money and time. First, you’ll hear about some things that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not allow you to include in your luggage. Next, you’ll learn about things items you should always leave out of your checked bag. Finally, you’ll learn about some common items that the team at has found are better left at home.

Prohibited Items

Lists of items prohibited by the TSA are easily obtainable online. Most importantly, the TSA prevents passengers from packing explosive or flammable objects, including flares and flare guns. Firearms and self-defense weapons are prohibited from carry-on bags, but they’re generally okay to pack in a checked bag. Liquids can be packed in checked bags, but remember that liquids must be less than 3.4 oz. (100 ml.) if you would like to bring them in your carry-on bag. With just a few exceptions, items such as tools, sharp objects and sporting goods (like baseball bats), must be checked.

Items to Keep out of Your Checked Bag

Try to keep from packing any valuable or irreplaceable items at all if you can avoid doing so. A rule of thumb says that if you cannot afford to lose something, then you should not take it with you. Items to avoid packing in a checked bag include cash, jewelry, important documents, electronic equipment, keys, antiques and rare items. If you must pack valuable items, make sure that you do not pack them in a checked bag. Items in a checked bag can be damaged while the bags are tossed around and loaded onto the plane. Checked bags can also become lost or exposed to dishonest baggage handlers.

Of course, you will need to bring money on your trip. Make sure that cash, bank cards and small valuables are always in your pockets or otherwise on your person. If you need to bring larger items of value, then pack them in your carry-on or personal item, rather than your checked bag.

Your prescription medication is medically necessary to you, so you don’t want it to be stolen or lost in a missing suitcase. Like other valuables, keep your medication in your carry-on bag, personal item or your pockets. In fact, this rule can apply to any item that you can’t live without.

Keep These Items at Home to Save Space

Too many clothing items: For most trips, three outfits that can be mixed and matched will do the trick. If you need to, plan to do laundry or hand wash any clothing items on your trip. If you’re not planning to do anything formal, avoid packing a formal outfit. You won’t need to wear it, and it will only take up unnecessary space. The same goes for clothing items like heavy winter coats. If you don’t think you’ll use it, you probably won’t. The team at recommends taking no more than three pairs of shoes on a regular vacation or trip.

All of your toiletries: Remember, if you’re staying at hotel, the hotel will have a selection of free toiletries that you can use. The same goes for towels. If you’re traveling with a partner, make sure that you don’t pack a repeat of any sharable item, such as toothpaste. Hotels also have hairdryers, so there’s no need to pack your own.

Too many books: The team at understands the appeal of having good reading options while on vacation. However, this might be the time to download e-books onto a single device, such as a phone or tablet. This option will save you packing space while providing you with a lot of reading options. If you’re a person who enjoys guidebooks, the team at recommends getting the e-book version of your favorite guidebook.