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Common Mistakes That Travelers Make at the Airport: Prevention Tips From blog: Common Mistakes That Travelers Make at the Airport: Prevention Tips From

For new, occasional and even experienced travelers, the airport can be a stressful place. However, there are simple steps you can take to make sure that your airport experience goes as smoothly as possible. Even if you’re a veteran traveler, you might not be aware of how some mistakes can cost you big in time and convenience. To help all kinds of travelers, the team at has presented some common mistakes made at the airport, along with some ways to ensure they do not happen again.

Paying too much for parking. Instead of parking in the closest lot to the airport, which can get pretty expensive if you’re gone for days, look for a cheaper park-and-ride option. You will be further away from the airport and will most likely have to take a shuttle, so be sure to get to the airport early. Giving yourself some time will be well worth it for budget travelers and those who simply don’t want to spend unnecessary cash.

Forgetting to look for a last-minute gate change. This problem often happens when a traveler doesn’t have a lot of time to get to a connecting flight. Since you already have your boarding pass printed, you might be heading right to the gate number listed on the ticket. Once you get to the gate, however, you may learn that there has been a recent gate change, and you actually need to be at an entirely different part of the airport. To prevent this problem, the team at recommends taking just a few seconds to stop and look at the airport’s departure boards. You may also consider using the airline’s app, which can notify you of any gate changes.

Entering personal information while using airport WiFi. Increasingly, more airports are offering free WiFi for waiting passengers. It’s great to take advantage of this service for both practical reasons (conducting business or checking connecting flights) and for passing the time (browsing the internet). Like any public network, however, the airport’s WiFi connection is not secure. The team at suggests refraining from entering your personal information, such as passwords and identifications, as these sensitive materials can be obtained by hackers. There’s no worse feeling than arriving at your destination only to find out that all the money in your bank account has been depleted.

Using too many bins when going through security. Some people will place their carry-on bag in a bin when they can actually just place it on the conveyor belt. Others try to organize all of their belongings into a bunch of separate bins. This doesn’t help the TSA screeners, and just makes it more difficult for you to locate and gather all of your belongings.

Not asking about checking your bag at the gate. Sometimes, if flights are full, airports will allow guests to check a carry-on item at the gate. They’ll usually announce this option to passengers. However, if you would rather check your carry-on item than lug it on the plane and stuff it into an overhead compartment, the team at recommends asking the folks at the gate. They might not let you, but it doesn’t hurt to find out.

Assuming you will find an electrical outlet at your gate. At some airports, electrical outlets are sparse, and they’re usually taken by other passengers. Make sure to bring a portable battery charger or ensure that your phone and any other important devices have a good charge.

Rushing. Even if you’re in a hurry to make your flight, it pays to keep yourself from rushing around like a maniac. Take your time getting through airport security, and make sure you have all of your belongings before you leave. You don’t want to leave behind your phone or laptop.