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When is the Cheapest Season to Travel to Asia? Provides Answers blog: When is the Cheapest Season to Travel to Asia? Provides Answers

This is a common question for travelers for each country they intend to visit but in Asia there is no simple answer. finds that the weather in Asia changes drastically from region to region within the continent that it varies by individual country. The seasons affect tourism and cost of travel. Instead of a generalization of the cheapest season in Asia, it is better to look at some individual countries. A general rule of thumb is to travel during off-season for cheaper travel expenses. If the weather doesn’t permit however, look for similar deals during shoulder season. The most expensive season anywhere is during high-season, normally the summer months. The following sections highlight the best times to visit several countries in Asia.


The most expensive time to travel to Indonesia is during peak-holiday season beginning in July and ending in September. The cheapest time to go is during rainy season from December to February. If you can stand intense short showers this is the least expensive vacation period, in Indonesia. informs you of a compromise by traveling during April to October. The weather is dry and the accommodations are priced mid-range of the other two seasons.


Malaysia stays warm through most of the year but has major rainfall during October through December, making these the cheapest months to travel. The driest and most expensive months are January to March and June to September.


The rainy season lasts only two months, November and December. has found that June to August bring many thunderstorms on top of extreme heat. These months are cheapest due to the weather. The most expensive time to travel is January to June because the weather is perfect to enjoy with no rain.


Due to the size of Thailand, the visiting locations vary slightly because of the rainy season which is always the cheapest season to travel. Bangkok has rain during June to October and Chiang Mai similarly has rain from May to October. Phuket has monsoon season from May to October calling for major deals and discounts at resorts and on flights. Similar to rainy season, the showers are intense but generally short so you won’t be inside all day. Koh Samui has their rainy season from October through December.


Similar to Thailand, Vietnam has district climate differences. There are three main districts to consider, Central Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang in Central Vietnam has rainy season during September to November while Hue, Hoi An and Nha Trang have rain from October to early December. The Hanoi district has rain from May to September as well as an increase in temperatures. Ho Chi Minh City’s rainy season runs from late May to early November.


Considering all of the above wet seasons ranges from about June through October. November through February is peak season and has no rain and clear blue skies. This is the opposite of the U.S winter season and a good time to visit Asia but not the cheapest. March through May are the hottest months with some rain. The weather is moderate and these months are considered shoulder season.

The benefits of traveling during off or rainy season are the crowds, the prices and accommodations. When there are no crowds and less tourist, you are more immersed in the culture and many attractions are empty meaning no lines and more time to enjoy. has found that many resorts and hotels lower rates and offer packages to attract tourist during off-season. They would typically lose money during this time but by lowering prices they get business and the tourism industry benefits as a while. Prices are lowered by almost half in some cases while other hotels even offer free nights.

Travelers may be concerned about the amount of rain and how it will affect their trip to Asia. Luckily, Asia has predictable showers during the afternoon meaning you can plan activities around that time. Fill your mornings and late afternoons with activities and during the rain take some time to relax in the hotel and regain some energy.